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The children of El Hato (visit to Earth Lodge)

January 2, 2012

Last week Emily, Brian, and I enjoyed a night in the trees overlooking Jocotenango at Earth Lodge. It was a time of just relaxing in the hammocks, enjoying the sauna, a little backgammon, conversing with interesting people and eating great fresh food. We also had a couple fun encounters with the local kids…

On our morning hike these three siblings spotted us and ran to bring us gifts of flowers for our hair. They really liked Rylee and Soc was actually nice to them as well. We talked a bit and they asked for a photo with the girls:

While we waited for the truck to pick us up Brian went searching for a Gatorade with Socrates while Emily and I hung out with some kids. Emily did hat tricks and amazed the kids with her magic. The kids got a pail of water for Rylee since she was obviously thirsty and I didn’t have any water for her. One boy practiced his english a bit, he told me he studies hard. On Brian’s trip to the tienda Soc got afraid of some kids but just in time the truck came up the road. The kids hopped on the back of the truck (they enjoy riding on the tailgate) so Brian decided to humor the kids by joining them on the tailgate. When it was time for all of us to leave one kid washed off Rylee’s toy in the bucket of water they brought her. As most of you know her toys can get pretty disgusting, it was covered in dirt, but the boy was very sweet and helped her out.

We were on our way home when we came up along another kid who wanted to hop on for  a little ride until Rylee popped her head up and scared him. He froze and Brian captured it perfectly! Little did he know Soc is who he should have been afraid of from the start- lol!

Earth Lodge, along with partner NGO Los Manos de Christine, raise funds for the El Hato School and is currently working to sponsor students so they are able to attend private middle school (the El Hato School only goes up to 6th grade). To learn more or help out check out their blog or contact Briana at

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