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Tamales… another great day with Claudia

December 31, 2011

We’re so far behind on posts, but I’m going to skip ahead to this week and catch up with older ones later…

We missed having tamales at Christmas dinner because I didn’t plan ahead enough so we decided to have them for Emily’s last night in Guatemala. This was my first time eating tamales and I was sooo happy we decided to have them.

Claudia was delighted to cook them for us and her daughter Amanda came to help out as well. I learned that Claudia and her family make tamales every Saturday and they sell them out of their home. Emily and Brian were out exploring but I got to see the process and I hope we learn all the secrets before long. This time I just helped by tying them together (usually Byron, Marisol’s fiance’s job).

Since I had never had tamales I didn’t know to expect, but Emily and Brian said they were the best they’ve had. They were very moist (from what I read much different than traditional Mexican tamales) and the meat was super tender. We’re going to heat the left overs now and have an early dinner… will write again soon DZ

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